Neem: Complete Skin Wellness

– Sricure Neem tablets are the Best Medicine to cure skin diseases and assure complete wellness. It is best for any fungal or bacterial infection and give the cooling effect naturally.

– This is useful in tiredness, cough, worm infection. It has several properties that heal wounds, skin diseases, and diabetes in a very natural way.

– Neem is consists of the purest and perfect from of neem obtained from nature. This is made with only and only neem and nothing is added to stand out in Ayurvedic medicine.

– It is powerful against any kind of bacteria and is Potent anti-oxidants. It provides solution to many incurable diseases. It helps in fighting acne by controlling bacteria that is responsible for acne growth.

– Neem will give you visible results in few days by detoxifying your body and cleaning your blood. It is easy to use, you just have to take this tablet twice a day a for skin wellness.

– It has many detoxifying and antioxidant properties help preventing cell damage and assists in nourishing the skin to help maintaining a healthy and glowing skin.

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Neem (Azadirachta indica) doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to the most natural herb on earth. It is herb that keeps all diseases away because of its property and It also relieves diseases. Neem is being used in Ayurveda since ancient time or probably from thousands of years for good health and overall body protection. Every part of this tree is useful for body. The roots, gum, leaves, fruit, seeds and seed oil are used from many years in medicine because it has several anti inflammatory properties.

It is very helpful for any skin disease and treats any such issues naturally without any side effects. It is a renowned detox for body and help in cleansing the blood to further stop any breakouts or pimples on skin or face. It is very helpful for digestive system too

Neem only and only has benefits and no negative reviews which many swear by as a natural heritage to help in many diseases. One should not underestimate the power and properties of neem as they are so strong in diseases that they can even sometimes combat serious problems too. Neem trees are found in almost every household in India and are actually very helpful.

Active constituents in Neem:

Neem is a well established name not only in India but also in all around the world. Neem leaves have many anti bacterial properties that are known to cure any problems. Even the flowers also contain many properties in the form of a waxy material which is actually consists of fatty acids. The main part are seeds and leaves which is actually very important because it has high lipid content and has many active properties that helps in cleaning blood. In leaves, It taste sore because of its active ingredients that are known to detoxify body naturally.

It is known for its best result by cleaning blood without any side effects and called the best blood cleaning agent in India and it actually does what it says in few days. It guarantees quick result in few days. Even you can see the changes in body in first use itself.

Clean blood is very necessary to let body work normally without any disturbance. When blood is not clean then you get many diseases like pimples, skin diseases, blood related problem, digestion problem and many more.

Contains Natural herbs

Neem is known for its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It is known as the best herb for any kind of skin diseases. It cures any skin disease, be it face, body or any internal problem, by purifying blood. Blood plays major role in many diseases because when our blood is mixed with impurities, it is highly impossible to get the cure of any disease from roots. This is why the first step is to purify blood to get into the roots of the diseases quickly.

By purifying blood half way cure is done, after this neem start focusing on the area when any skin problem is occurring and starts working there. It has many antibacterial and anti fungal properties that help it to cure diseases naturally and quickly and that too absolutely without any side effects.

Sricure neem is strictly made with best extract of Neem and no chemicals or other things added to this. It is taken out from the tree of Neem and then crushed in powder form to make tablets out of it. This is how it came into existence in the most natural and pure form. It guarantees to be 100% natural and it follows the same. It is made with the guidance of Ayurveda for better treatment and quick resolution of problem.

From many years, Neem has been used to cure any skin diseases and still gets followed. It was handy and the best for skin diseases such as boils, ulcers, eczema, and pimples. Neem has also proven amazing in curing various skin fungal infections that too very fast. Not only small skin disease, Neem has also treated big skin disease like chicken pox, small pox and many more. People who are suffering from herpes and hepatitis B have gotten cure with this Neem tablet.

How it works:

Neem is mentioned in many Ayurvedic formulations for the treatment of skin disorders, because of its detoxifying properties. Neem is best for controlling the growth of acne-causing bacteria like P. acnes and staphylococcus epidermidis. This is because every part of Neem has antibacterial, antifungal and anti inflammatory properties that help to control and get rid of these bacteria.

From ancient time, neem has been used for variety of diseases such as stomach ulcers, rashes, chicken pox, boils, wounds, jaundice, skin disorders, leprosy, etc. This is why it is called a heritage of India that is treating and serving people from many years and hence is very effective and trust worthy for any skin disease.

-1-2 tablets twice a day with plain water or milk after meals.
-As directed by the physician.

-Store in cool, dry place to avoid any moisture.
– And Protect from direct sunlight.

CONTAINS: 60 tablets



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