Insomniloc Capsules: Best Medicine for Sleeplessness

– Insomniloc capsules are the best medicine for sleeplessness and works well at helping you get a proper sleep.

– It releases stress from body and makes you fall asleep quickly naturally of an average of seven to eight hours.

– It is a perfect mix of herbs that are known for stress buster and provide you sound sleep so you again feel complete and nourished next productive day.

– Insomniloc capsules is the best for all those who are suffering from insomnia. It calms your nerves and treats Anxiety in a natural way. It also cures Sleep Apnea in a most natural way.

– It can see visible change in your sleep and life in few days without any side effects because it is completely herbal product that cures insomnia or sleeplessness.

– It is best for all those who are searching for quick result as it has several properties that treat insomnia with herbs.


Today, sleeping pills are very common for all those who cannot get a proper and sound sleep. Now not in urban homes, people from rural areas are getting affected by insomnia or sleeplessness. There are many reasons responsible for this discomfort. One main cause is stress and tension. Consuming medicines, for which you are not sure, are like using something without knowledge and that can be harmful as well.

Sleep is a natural process for body and mind to give it adequate rest. If someone is suffering from Insomnia, which not let one sleep or inability to have a sound sleep, then body can feel distressed and tired. This disturbs the process of natural rest of body and also disturbs other activities for all day.

This condition is not new and Ayurveda has been serving people who have suffered with Insomnia. Ayurveda is popular for this condition since many years and offer some excellent answer which helps by strengthens the nervous system, regulating hormones that increase sleep and release the stress to calms the disturbed mind naturally.

Even this time, seeing the tension and stress in everyone’s life, Ayurveda has come up with a solution in the name of INSOMNILOC MEDICINE that is the BEST MEDICINE TO CURE SLEEPLESSNESS NATURALLY. It treats sleeplessness naturally without any side effects.

How Insomniloc works:

Mind is called the monitor of body and is responsible for understanding, thinking, and analysing. It is responsible to respond in the right way at the right time. In ayurveda, mind has three properties or gunas which are rajas, sattva and tamas. Rajas are a mind conditions which are responsible for imbalance of mind.  Sattva guna are attached with purity. So according to Ayurveda this state of mind stay happy & healthy. Tamas is responsible for factors like anxiety, depression, fear, anger & worry. Ayurveda knows every state of mind and hence knows how to treat it. This is the reason, Ayurveda has perfect solution which are completely safe & effective for natural sleep.

There are many reasons responsible for sleeplessness as improper diet and lifestyle that results as worst situation of Vata. Vata travels in head that causes sleeplessness or insomnia. There can be the reason that you are taking tea, coffee too much or there is a long interval between meals. Whatever the reason is Ayurveda has the answer for you and treats in the most natural way possible.

It introduced Insomniloc medicine to the world to cure sleeplessness or insomnia. It has helped many clients from all around the world and is serving people who cannot sleep properly or are not able of sleeping.

It has many ingredients in it that are helpful in releasing stress and tension from body to make it relax so it can get natural sleep. It is known for its best result quickly. You will see a change in your sleeping habit naturally without any discomfort or pain in body.

Disturbing emotions, irregular sleeping patterns, tension, stress, anger, overwork, and ill health may be other responsible factors. To all those Insomniloc directly affects mind by activating the parts of mind that are responsible to release stress naturally.

Contains natural Ingredients:

Insomniloc is the best Ayurvedic medicine that has all the product and ingredients that are pure and came from ground in pure form. It has ingredients that are helpful in fighting stress and tension. It releases stress from body and make body relax to make it sleep. Insomniloc contains herbs like bramhi, ashwagandha, Tagar Gantha and many more that are used in perfect combination as per ayuvedic to cure sleeplessness.  

Khurasani Ajwain(Hyoscyamus Niger) 50mg

Tagar Gantha(Valeriana Wallichi) 40mg.

Brahmi (Centella Asiatica) 20mg

Jaiphal(Myristica Fragrans) 15mg.

Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera) 25mg.

Best Result:

Insomniloc is known for its result orientation and has given result.  If you are suffering from long term stress, then this can cause many mental disorders like anxiety, depression, insomnia and many more. Stress can cause many other diseases like heart disease, blood pressure problem, acidity, obesity, skin problems, infertility, and disturbed sleep cycle. So we cannot go with anything to treat a sensitive topic of our health because that would be like playing with body. Always go with Ayurveda which has excellent solutions for any such condition.

Insomniloc is a powerful tonic for brain that supports mental functioning because it has many tranquillising and stress relieving herb in it that releases stress from body naturally without any side effects. It gives the best result in few days of uses that you always wanted and will let you sleep to let you lead your life naturally and in a better way.


1 capsule 2-3 times a day with water.

As directed by the physician.


Store it in a dry place to avoid any moisture.

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