Drugs Interaction with Herbs

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There is no doubt in the use of herbal medicine. People are using herbal medicines since ancient times depending on the various geological factors. But recently the interaction of herbal medicine was getting questioned for drugs. The truth is, it doesn’t necessarily include chemical interaction with drugs and ingredients of the herb that produces some kind of toxic. This interaction might cause an herbal result with herb component by increase or decrease the drug amount in the blood stream. Herbal properties may cause to reduce the effect of the drug by increasing the herbal effect or vice versa.

                                               herb-drug interactions

Even though people have the access over herbal supplements these days, but still people go with over the counter drugs or they opt for those medicine prescribed by a doctor. So if you are going to doctor and indulge in any kind of herbal medicine then you should mention the herbal medicine, so it doesn’t lead to dangerous consequences. Mixing herbs with drugs or synthetic medicine should be done under guidance or with full knowledge. The main problem is with the drugs and interactions with those herbs which people are taking continuously on daily basis like blood thinners that people have to take after a heart attack. The other concern is with people who are taking Antidepressants.

Let’s see some of the commonly used herbs and their combinations with drugs:

Medicines which are said to increase the immune system may cause inflammation in liver if you use this medicine with herbs or medicines such as anabolic steroids. Licorice is a medicine which is useful for treating stomach ulcers may give you side effects like high blood pressure, swelling in parts of body or imbalances in hormones.

Feverfew which get used for headache and arthritis with, garlic which is known to reduce blood cholesterol, and blood pressure, ginger for nausea and vomiting and Ginko biloba which is for increasing blood circulation and improving memory. These are known to have a blood thinning effect in body which may give side effects by increasing bleeding in patients who are taking anti-clotting medicines.

Well there are standard procedures available to check and test the herbs extract alone and after that, to test it with drugs that will give the same effect. How to know? Well, if a particular drug increases the effect by the herb then it implies the herb has a same effect, even after having a different mechanism.

This is why it is best to consult a doctor before using Herb and drug together. Sometimes it can give you best responses and sometimes it can turn out to be your worst nightmare. The best thing to do would be to consult with your doctor before taking herbal supplements.


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